Manufacturing Data Extension Module '3-D Printing'

3D Printing Extension Data Sheet

The 3d_printing extension module for Modeling provides tools for the 3-D printing process chain. It adds utilities and dialogs to import, export and work with manufacturing data in the industry standard formats STL and 3MF.

Feature Overview

Manufacturing Data Export

Export Example 3D CAD Models can be exported in popular manufacturing data formats STL and 3MF:

  • Manufacturing data can be generated from CAD models with full control of linear and angular precision of the triangular mesh.
  • 3MF data export supports:
    • Assembly structures and part positioning
    • Geometry sharing (Shared parts)
    • Part colors
    • Custom metadata

Manufacturing Data Import

Import Example STL and 3MF data can be imported to Modeling as:

  • Lightweight graphical model supporting geometry inspection
  • 3D CAD model supporting modeling operation (depending on the data quality)
  • 3MF data import supports:
    • Metadata
    • Component Structure (represented as assembly structure)
    • Shared Components (represented as shared parts)
    • Color

Reverse Engineering of Analytic Surfaces

Surface Reconstruction Example

  • Higher level surface regions are reconstructed from the triangular facet model with automatic or manual precision control.
  • Based on supervised machine-learning algorithms.
  • Significant data reduction
  • Model and surface manipulation (depending on the data quality)

Mesh Quality Assessment

Mesh Quality Assessment Compare manufacturing models (STL or 3mf) with their original CAD models to detect quality issues introduced during mesh postprocessing.

Getting Started

Programming Interfaces

Lisp packages in this module

Name Summary
3d-printing Primary package of the 3d_printing extension module for Modeling. The package :3D-PRINTING.DATA-EXCHANGE (nicknamed :3DP.X) contains a LISP API and dialogs to import or export manufacturing data such as STL or 3MF with optional reverse-engineering of facet-data into analytical surfaces.