Extension Module Customization Overview

Function and behavior of the HoleWizard extension module can be customized in following ways:

Extension Module Startup Configuration

The module startup configuration (typically defined by the CAD admin) can be customized by editing the hw_customize.lsp file. The factory default hw_customize.lsp file can be found in the root directory where the module was unpacked (see Extension Module Installation and Startup.

This extension module fully supports the Modeling multi-level customization architecture. The hw_customize.lsp file can be placed into one or more of the following directories:

Factory Module installation directory
Corporate as specified in %SDCORPCUSTOMIZEDIR%
Site as specified in %SDSITECUSTOMIZEDIR%
User %APPDATA%/PTC/Creo Elements Direct Modeling /


Windows environment variables typically defined by the CAD adminstrator.
Windows system variable pointing to the user's application data directory
Modeling Version

Note: Customization files are loaded in table order. The user customization takes precedence over all other customizations.

Customization Options

The module's startup configuration can be customized by setting one or more of the following parameters in the hw_customize.lsp file:

| Setting Parameter | Summary | | :---------------------------------------| :------------------------------------ | TODO: add links to settings variables here

Re-loading Customizations after Change

Type following command into the Modeling command line and press Enter:


Interactive Configuration

Settings can be persistently changed by the user in a Modeling session via the settings dialog: holewizard:HW_SETTINGS. Changes made in this dialog override the settings loaded from hw_customize.lsp.

Customization & Configuration

The Hole Feature Tool can be configured and customized in various ways to
meet company standards: