Extension Module Installation and Startup


Installation Planning

To perform a successfull installation of this Modeling extension module it is necessary to understand the relationship between the module startup configuration options and the module install location. Please read section Loading/Activating the extension module in Modeling before installing the module.

Installation from ZIP Archive

The HoleWizard extension module is shipped in a single ZIP archive. It can be installed in one of the following ways:

The extension module comes with an installer written in Lisp (install.lsp). This installer is located at the root diectory of the ZIP archive. To install the extension module using the installer follow these steps:

; '...' = path to the unpacked ZIP archive
(load ".../install.lsp")

Manual Installation

The extension module is portable and can be unpacked in any desired directory and executed from there.

Loading/Activating the Extension Module in Modeling

To use the functionality provided by the extension module it needs to be first loaded into Modeling.

The module can be then activated manually (interactively) or automatically when Modeling starts:

Loading the Extension Module Interactively

; '...' -  path to the module's installation directory
(load ".../HoleWizard/startup.lsp")

Some Commands to Try

Type any of the following commands into the Modeling command line and press Enter to execute:

; Show information about the `HoleWizard` extension module

; Show help information

Automatically Loading the Module when Modeling Starts (Autoload)

The extension module can be loaded automatically on Modeling startup by adding startup code to one of the sd_customize files:

; '...' is the module installation directory
(load ".../HoleWizard/startup.lsp")

As described in the Customization Guide for Administrators and Advanced Users (Modeling documentation), sd_customize files can exist in any of the Modeling customization directories:

It is recommended to let the install dialog add this entry the optimal sd_customize file by checking the Load when Modeling starts option. The installer automatically chooses the optimal sd_customize file location for the selected install location.

Module 'On-Demand' Activation / Deactivation

Once the module is loaded it needs to be turned on (activated) using the Modeling Module Management Dialog which opens when you click on File -> Modules .... All loaded CADM extension Modules can be found in the CADM Extensions section.

To activate/deactivate a CADM module check/uncheck it in the dialog.

Activating the Module when Modeling Starts

To activate the module automatically when Modeling starts, perform these steps:

Loading a Previous Version of the Module

All versions of a module are installed side-by-side. By default the newest installed version is started. In case is should be necessary to temporarily or permanently revert back to an older version of the module, this can be easily achieved by editing the module's startup.lsp file ".../HoleWizard/startup.lsp". ... represents the module's install location. The top of this startup.lsp looks like this:

(in-package :cadm-extension-installer :use '(:lisp :oli))

(let ((module-version "1.2.8") ; <-- change this version

To start an older version replace the current version with another installed version and save the changes.

Uninstalling the Module

CADM extension moduled are portable and can be easily deinstalled by deleting the module directory.

To delete a particular version of the module, delete the version directory from the module's installation directory and update the ".../HoleWizard/startup.lsp" file to load one of the remaining versions as described in the previous section.

To delete all versions of the module delete its installation directory and remove the load configuration from sd_customize or pesd_startup.