Primary Lisp package of the HoleWizard Modeling extension module.

The package :HOLEWIZARD (nicknamed :HW) provides dialogs, UICT controls and configuration tools to enhance the functionality of the built-in Machining module in following areas:

Supported Hole Types

Hole Type(s)
Counterbored Holes Counterbore Through Holes
Countersunk Holes Countersunk Through/Blind Holes
Drilled Holes Drilled Through/Blind Holes
Threaded Holes Threaded Through/Blind Holes

Integration Architecture Diagram

Integration Architecture

Programming Notes

This package is not intended to be included in the :use specification of other packages due to a high probability of name conflicts. To reference a facility provided by this package, code in another package must use an explicit package prefix, e.g.


Package Contents


Name Summary
HW_SETTINGS Edit customizable settings for the HoleWizard extension module.

Variables / Parameters / Constants

Name Summary
*user-interface-integration* Modeling user interface integration level {keyword} for this extension module.
+module-id+ The extension module ID.

(Generic) Functions / Macros / Accessors

Name Summary
about-module Show the HoleWizard about information in the Modeling output textbox.
activate-module Activate this module.
deactivate-module Deactivate this module.
display-module-help Display a module help page in the browser.
get-available-commands Get a list of commands availalable for this module
get-module-manifest Get the extension module manifest.
load-module-customization Load or re-load the module customizations.
module-active-p Predicate to termine if this extension module is active.
show-holewizard Show the Hole Feature Tool UICT UICT dialog.